VISA’S ??!

To work in Colombia you need a TP4 Visa.

If you have a TP1 or TP6 visa it is VERY complicated to switch from one of these visas to a TP4 visa.

Because it is so hard, some jobs only sponsor your visa if you have an entry stamp (tourist visa), if you are coming from a TP4 visa, if you do not need a work visa because you are married to a Colombian, or if you do not hold any type of visa.

Just in case you wanted to know.

I don’t have a VISA yet but I want one. That way I can get a bank account, because not having a bank account is pretty much like putting all your money in your shoe, and hoping for the best. And yes, I really do this. In Colombia it is a must, or you will get robbed.


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