America and Student Debt

In America they encourage you to go to University. If you have a degree, you’ve done something right. Forget actually finding a job after, that’s not even the point. You skip over the feeling of being worthless to actually be worth less.

When you buy a house, when you buy a car, when you buy (I mean earn) your degree you’ve just accrued debt. But we say, “Well if they trusted us with all this debt, we must be doing something right.” And that is the American dream, the hope that one day, maybe just one day we’ll actually own some of the stuff that we bought that we never had the money for in the first place, or at least be able to pass on that asset and remaining debt to our children. Because even that is something. Whether this is your experience or not depends on where you find yourself in this game of Ms. Pac Man. She has so many lives. Maybe your at the beginning levels and you keep loosing, or maybe your in the middle, or maybe your at the end when you’ve won so many times you’re coming into the world with connections and assets. And don’t get me wrong, anyone can get knocked off their high horse. Though it’s easier to get back on a horse once you’ve ridden one. I’m thinking of a CEO loosing her company; neither here nor there. And any person not well off in the world can become an overnight youtube sensation or pop star and be put onto a high horse. Once again neither here nor there. And of course I’m thinking strictly financially, because if we threw ‘happiness’-like who is actually happy into the mix, we might find the scales drastically tipped.

Maybe we’d find that the richer people are more unhappy. Them and their little perfectly manicured fluffy white dogs. Or maybe we’d find that it has nothing to do with riches, but rather responsibility. Because isn’t that when it all went bad? One day we’re being pushed in a stroller one sockless foot perched up throwing our cheerios in the air like we just don’t care and the next day we’re calling cable companies trying to get the service turned back on after the snow storm!


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